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The 4 Best Bang-for-your-Buck Home Renovations

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

Doing your own home renovations is a sure-fire way to get more out of your house. Not only does it cater to your home to what you want it to be, but it also increases the value of your home when you choose to sell it. But what improvements add the most value? Is there anything you can do that actually will hinder selling your house in the future? 

Well, my friend, all your questions will be answered! Here are 4 DIY ways to increase your home value and one BIG THING to avoid as a bonus.

#1 Small bathroom updates

This one is somewhat of a no brainer. You may have heard the old real estate adage that bathrooms and kitchens sell homes. This is true, but how much should you spend on your old, out-of-date bathroom? Well, just little replacements here and there can add major value to a home. Consider reglazing your tub instead of getting a brand new shower. Maybe change a faucet instead of the entire vanity. Storage in bathrooms is very important so if there is a lack of space…find a way to add space with hanging cabinets or shelves!

#2 Garage door replacement

This one may be a bit of a challenge for some newbie DIY-ers but it is WELL worth the value. You get almost all the value back from a purchase of a new garage door even if you pay to have it installed. If yours looks fine but isn’t powered, consider installing a garage door opener to add the convenience buyers will love.

#3 Paint a room or two

Simple as that! This is a very low-cost way for you to enjoy your home even more AND add value. Cans of paint don’t cost that much and the labor is free because….well, because you did it yourself! A fresh coat of paint will do wonders for an old stuffy room. Light colors and gray tones are all the rage right now. Quick pro tip: don’t buy luxury paints. No one can tell once it is on a wall anyway.

#4 Add some curb appeal

This one can be tough because currently in Grand Rapids, the weather is doing some sinister combination of ice, rain, and wind outside my office window. But if you can save these for a warmer day, it is very much worth getting your hands dirty. Buyers love to see fresh landscaping, clean yards, and weedless gardens when they pull up to see your house. Obviously, you don’t want to go overboard and attract those with only the greenest of thumbs, so keep it accessible by adding some hostas, shrubs, or other low effort plants to your front and back yard!

Now for the one big thing to avoid.

AVOID - over-improving or many luxury improvements 

This is a big one. Sometimes the best move is to leave something alone. You do not want to go overboard and make your house too luxurious for anyone to buy. You don’t need a super-smart bathroom with heated floors, 7 shower heads, 2 tubs, a urinal, and an automatic toothbrusher installed in it. That is just too much. Do some upgrades but keep it tactful and with resell value in mind.


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