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Renovation Story - Boho House

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

This is a home you will fall in love with.

My good friends, Josiah and Alex, bought a Grand Rapids house a little over two years ago and have done some truly amazing renovations. The boho chic style has inspired my own home decor and I hope it serves as an inspiration to yours as well!

Living room

It's amazing what a coat of paint can do, right? They painted the walls a lighter white, while darkening the fireplace to add a pop of color. Painting a brick fireplace can be tricky so be sure to do your research. To complete the look, add some throw pillows and some colorful rugs and you’ve got yourself a new living room!

Dining Room

One of my favorite features in this home is the light fixture in the dining room. Although installing fixtures can be tricky, it can be a great way to update the room. From the plant in the corner and the llama on the mantle, there is so much to love about this room.


I love a good kitchen remodel and I must say, they nailed this one. The cost of a typical kitchen remodel can soar into the tens of thousands but you can save a lot of money by doing it yourself. The cabinets were in good shape so they ended up just painting them rather than pay $6,000 for new cabinets.

Additionally, they were able to add their own tile and backsplash. This saves thousands of dollars on installation cost, which generally is around 25% or more of a renovation anyway. So, when you can do it yourself….it is definitely worth it!


Yes, pink bathrooms are still a thing of the past. Renovating a bathroom can be a difficult endeavor but this couple made it look easy. Adding a new vanity and updating the mirror is one the best ways to transform a space. Not to mention the tropical wallpaper (moisture resistant) installed in the corner helps bring color into the space.

Back Deck

I love this deck, it is so homey and looks straight out of a home magazine. A new deck, an outdoor rug, some new furniture, and pillows goes a long way into making this outdoor area one to share with friends. Best of all? They built it themselves with a little help with some friends. An investment like this is a high ticket item, but a worthy investment whether you plan to stay or sell.

Outdoor Fire Pit

Nothing says summer like a bonfire, so why not have one in your backyard? It really adds a cozy feel to any outdoor space. Add some tiki torches and an outdoor table and you’ve got yourself a summer paradise! I love how they used the concrete slab from an old shed and turned it into a level area for a table. You can make this a reality for yourself and build your own fireplace for under $60.

If you need any more advice on how to prep your home to sell or share your own tips, please email me at or fill out this form. I would love to help you out.


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